Relax, it’s Just a Joke!


In a few days, April Fool’s Day will be here giving pranksters an excuse to execute their carefully crafted jokes and pranks, and exposing everybody else who has no funny bone in their body especially when put on the spot.

I fall into the latter category. I can have my great one liners, descent puns, and quick comebacks but when it comes to April Fool’s Day, I crumble. For example, in the first grade I completely forgot about the whole “Bring a Good April Fool’s Joke to School Day” and was taken aback at all the clever things my classmates were saying. I on the other hand had no idea what to say, so went up to my teacher and said, “Teacher, teacher, guess what?!” Doing my best to have a good poker face I exclaimed, “My mom died.” My teacher saw right though my joke before I could say, “April Fools!” With a stern look in her eyes she told me, “Kiersten, that is not an appropriate joke, I hope you never say something like that again.”

That taught me a lesson. There are certain things you just don’t joke about, like people dying or people coming into the world.

Once I threw out my birth control and eagerly anticipated my own pregnancy and with that, how to tell people about it. I thought, “oh if I get pregnant this month I can tell people around Christmas/Easter/Valentine’s Day/Thanksgiving/all the other holidays, how cute would that be?” What those holiday hopes turned into were milestones, a mark in time where my dreams were dashed and I said to myself, “oh maybe next holiday we will have something to announce.” So each holiday became less and less about the meaning of the holiday but about the absence of my one wish.

Even without April Fool’s Day, many of my friends and family members post their own pregnancy announcements and while I AM happy for them, I AM jealous/sad that it hasn’t happened for us yet. So to have one added day of where these announcements are prominent and now I have to play the “are they really or are they just joking” game, is kinda a slap in the face.

It’s not funny, and not original. As my first grade teacher would say, “Never say that. Please try again.”

I want to laugh, the world needs more laughter and with those of us who would rather not be reminded of our empty wombs, laughter is cherished.

Make me laugh people, I double dog dare you.

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