Packing List

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The daunting task of trying to anticipate what I am going to need for a two week span is a bit overwhelming. This list has had many revisions, many additions, weighing it then chucking it and then repeating the process over.

Finally, the bags are packed and ready to go tomorrow.

Bike Gear


Spare tires/flat repair kit with hand pump

Bike calculator

Two water bottles (and mounts)


Bike lube and old rag

Lock and keys

Bike lights (front/rear)

Clip in pedals

Handlebar Bag

Bike Back Rack and Panniers

Personal Gear


Bike pants (3; long, capris, and shorts) <—- Joys of biking in the early spring when the weather could be anything

Shirts (3; long sleeve, short sleeve, tank top)

Rain Jacket and Rain Pants

Wool socks (2)

Clip in Shoes

Ear warmers

Gloves and liners

Sports bra (2)

Off-bike clothes (underwear, leggings, T-shirt, flip-flops)

Prenatals and other supplements

Travel size hairbrush and hair ties

Toiletries: Contacts and glasses, toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, ChapStick, Body Glide, Tide Hand Wash Soap, Nail clippers, hand sanitizer


Clothes and shoes for DC are shipped to a family member in the area.



Camera, Go Pro Hero 2 and chargers

Phone and charger

Kindle and charger

Fitbit Flex 2 and charger

Bike Light chargers

Battery Power Pack

Headphones (for off bike use)

Memory Card to Phone/Computer Adapter


First aid kit

Pepper spray w/ bike mount


Insect repellent

Elbow Brace



Space blanket

Gatorade mix/red vines/spare meal

Water Sterilizer Drops

Paper Maps

The grand total weight: 19.6 lbs (not including bike and the stuff mounted to it)

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