Avoiding Holidays


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When I was younger, and even now, I tend to get caught up in reading a good book. Sometimes I read to avoid thinking about what is going on in the present, procrastinating and dodging the hard and pressing issues that I do need to address if any progress is going to be made. However, I think on specific days escapism is really the only way to appropriately cope, the only way to get by without breaking down.

Lewis Carroll wrote, “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” And so to avoid the reality of being childless of Mother’s Day here are a few tips and other things I have gathered from the internet to harness your imagination, so you can have a tolerable day.

Avoid others that will throw Mother’s Day in your face, if you can forget it was even Mother’s Day all the better. For me this would entail avoiding church and any advertising (even leading up to the holiday, I really wish I could skip through ads, if you have DVR, use it). Luckily, I am still biking so, this year it will be really easy to avoid civilization for the most part.

It is so important to find something that makes you laugh, or laugh even harder

Or maybe a thriller/suspense binge-watch is more your style

And don’t forget to make your own popcorn

Take REI’s Thanksgiving Challenge and Opt Outside, who cares if it’s not Black Friday?

Or if you want to shop Mother’s Day sales anyways as a reverse “screw you” to retailers, go for it. My internal thoughts are normally, “You thought I was getting this for my mom, wrong! All this stuff is for me, thank you for the discount, suckers.”

Lastly, another full-proof tip to avoid this fateful day is to bury yourself so deep into a project that you let the hours pass by, and you don’t even realize time has passed at all. That could be work, a personal project you have been meaning to do but haven’t had time, or even something totally new like a craft you find on Pinterest.


What do you do to avoid Mother’s Day?


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