I have never been fond of wearing scarves. As I see others wearing them, I find myself wishing that I felt like they looked that good on me. It’s possible I just don’t know how to properly wear one, then I think “is it really that hard?” It’s only material, yet when draped meticulously around your neck looks so polished, and at the same time can be so soft and comfortable, almost dropped into place, carelessly perfect. Every time I try to wear one, I find the ends flopping in the way, or something catches and I (very ungracefully) seem to strangle myself for a moment in it. I have tried the infinity scarves to relieve this issue, however I feel as though this only adds more volume to my chest, which needs no extra help in that area. When I wear a scarf I feel like I have to wear my hair up, because half way through the day through my normal routine, if I haven’t strangled myself, I have given myself knots in my hair at the base of my neck where the scarf sits. I am not sure why this happens, it is a real thing that others deal with? These people with their perfectly placed scarves, do they have knotted hair on their neck hiding there, bothering them all day as well?

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s cold here. In the fall and winter many people are wearing scarves.  My mother in law continues to buy me scarves for Christmas. They are pretty, and I truly wish I could wear them. I try, but then after one or two wears they just sit in my closet collecting dust. Last fall I decided that I was tired of looking at them hanging in my closet, so I brought them to church and gave them all away, except for one. The one my mother gave me for my kids to use when they played Mary in the Christmas Nativity that they do every year at church. This was a scarf I had seen my mother wear all the time, it was worn effortlessly as both a fashion piece as well as a practical addition to keep her shoulders and neck warm through the day. 
When I was young, my neighbors child passed away in a tragic accident that began with a scarf. I have refused to put a scarf on my children when they go outside to play for that reason alone. In it’s stead I have knitted a scarf like item, to keep their face and neck warm, but it’s built like a hat only with two holes instead of one so they can just pull it over their head to protect their neck, and if they choose over their noses to keep their faces warm. This way there is nothing dangling to get caught somewhere it shouldn’t. 

Today as I was walking through the store, there were scarves out for sale. I walked by them and smiled to myself, I couldn’t resist and reached out to touch the soft comfort that they bring. My breath was quickly taken from me and my eyes filled with tears as I realized that I probably shouldn’t have given all my scarves away. I tearfully picked out two scarves and placed them gently into my cart. One of each style, a black one that can be worn with anything, and one with flowers in colors that would compliment many items that my Grace owns. I realized that in two weeks, I will be turning my sweet Grace over into the surgeons hands, and when she comes back to me, she will have a long road of recovery to go, and a very large scar directly in the center of her throat where they will have removed the large mass in her thyroid. Within the next few weeks she will be returning to school, and I want to do what I can to make sure that she can protect her wound with grace. 

Many of us have scars. Some are large, some are small. When they are fresh they are angry and show themselves proudly with a rich purple color. As time passes that color seems to fade, and they eventually become less noticable, and possibly forgotten. People around us can be harsh, they can leave scars on our inside much worse than those on the outside. Last year Grace delt with many emotional wounds, those scars have faded, and she has become much stronger because of the challenge. This year school year brings a new test, some days she may choose to embrace her challenges, and show her battle wound proudly. On days that she needs a little comfort, to know that she has all the support and protection possible from her family, I will have a scarf ready for her. To meticulously place around her, to bring her comfort when she is afraid, protection when she is hurting from the cold, and all the love that comes from a simple scarf.

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