bikethedrive_KierstenKiersten Day* grew up in the mid-West and is now settled in Chicago, IL with her husband Danny Campbell.

She and her husband have been trying to have children for four years and between insurance/financial limitations they feel at a dead end. However, Kiersten has decided to use her voice to share her experiences and let others know they are not alone. She wants to bring more awareness to the challenges couples encounter when faced with infertility and advocate for more education regarding fertility and reproductive rights.

Kiersten has been riding a bike since she was six years old and enjoys the freedom she feels while on two wheels. She keeps smashing her own personal records and can’t wait to ride her bike from Chicago to DC this summer, combining her goals and her cycling passion.


Juni Williams* resides in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her family. She is a photographer, designer, bicyclist and very new (fresh meat) derby girl.

Juni is a much-loved aunt of Kiersten Day, even though they feel more like sisters, and they revel in being able to share their love of bikes together. She has joined forces with The Leaky Tube with another perspective of having four children as well as had two miscarriages right in the middle of her brood.

*Full disclosure, Kiersten Mae Day and Juni Williams are pen names, professional aliases, pseudonyms, whatever you want to call it… Any person(s) described or any other identifying information has been changed, all events and themes are all real. If you happen to know the true identity of Kiersten or Juni and their family please respect her reasons for privacy and do not share.