Embracing Uncertainty

The unknown can be so overwhelming.  All the possibilities that roll through your brain, the good and the bad, the most simple and the most complex.

Two weeks ago my Grace was in getting her sports physical, and the doctor called me in and showed me that Grace had a very large thyroid. The information seemed to be simply passing through my ears. I kept mentally repeating over and over, “Don’t react, if you freak out you will scare the crap out of Grace, it could be a very simple fix.” Continue reading Embracing Uncertainty

2017 Advocacy Day

While I had been able to be around a few friends and family along the way, the majority of the time I was alone. I relied on my ability to push through the pain, the mental anguish, and come out on the other side intact and on a physical adrenaline high but mentally and emotionally drained. So when I finally met with my group outside of Senator Tammy Duckworth’s office I was emotionally overloaded. Continue reading 2017 Advocacy Day