Thankful for Bikes

We live in a small town, with a large biking community. Many have seen the value in putting a child on a bike, and are putting together groups for these kids to be able to ride. The confidence that comes from climbing that hill, or navigating through the giant sand hill, the rush of flying down a hill with trees whizzing by. My Kat has become a much better mountain biker than I ever was, and probably ever will be. Continue reading Thankful for Bikes

Speed Limit Sign of 30 mph, green shrubbery, dirt, gravel, brown grass

My Ride Down Clover Road

One sunny afternoon, I was playing with a neighborhood friend. We were riding our bikes down Clover Road. Clover Road extended up high and going down the gravel hill was thrill-inducing. After doing that a couple times Ella dared me to go down another hill, the one on Summit Drive. Now Summit Drive was a smooth and paved, a street that went past the end of the top of Clover’s hill by a few blocks and went even farther down, needless to say at the solid age of eight, my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to ride my bike up there. Continue reading My Ride Down Clover Road

Avoiding Holidays

When I was younger, and even now, I tend to get caught up in reading a good book. Sometimes I read to avoid thinking about what is going on in the present, procrastinating and dodging the hard and pressing issues that I do need to address if any progress is going to be made. However, I think on specific days escapism is really the only way to appropriately cope, the only way to get by without breaking down. Continue reading Avoiding Holidays