Speed Limit Sign of 30 mph, green shrubbery, dirt, gravel, brown grass

My Ride Down Clover Road

One sunny afternoon, I was playing with a neighborhood friend. We were riding our bikes down Clover Road. Clover Road extended up high and going down the gravel hill was thrill-inducing. After doing that a couple times Ella dared me to go down another hill, the one on Summit Drive. Now Summit Drive was a smooth and paved, a street that went past the end of the top of Clover’s hill by a few blocks and went even farther down, needless to say at the solid age of eight, my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to ride my bike up there. Continue reading My Ride Down Clover Road

Avoiding Holidays

When I was younger, and even now, I tend to get caught up in reading a good book. Sometimes I read to avoid thinking about what is going on in the present, procrastinating and dodging the hard and pressing issues that I do need to address if any progress is going to be made. However, I think on specific days escapism is really the only way to appropriately cope, the only way to get by without breaking down. Continue reading Avoiding Holidays