Learn more about why I am riding my bike to D.C. here.


I left Chicago, Illinois on May 5 and arrived in Washington D.C. on May 16, 2017.

To read about my bike ride check out this post.

I decided to change my route to a longer route, not because I craved more mileage, but because there are more towns along the way so I won’t ever find myself stranded should something happen. I also made the conscious decision to take the Amtrak over the Continental Divide from Pittsburgh to Cumberland. This ride is already outside of my comfort zone and the Appalachians were not helping to ease my nerves. By making this decision I ensured a safer ride and increased my chances of a safe return.

*I would love to return to complete the GAP and the C&O with a bike that is more suitable to tackle gravel, ruts, and possible wet conditions. For the current DC Ride I have tires that are too skinny to even think of attempting the safe bike trail this early in the season.